Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coworkers: Part 29 - Toad

  Thursday. We were supposed to be processing the shipment, but most people were working on their promo lists. John and Layla would be pulling tomorrow. Everyone was there so precious little was getting accomplished. Joao's massive list, of course, was already in.
  I was returning from the Ridglea Library. Squashed on the pavement behind the beauty shop, was the dried flattened husk of a toad. I carried it to the store backroom. (Well, I'd already had my ice cream.) Greg immediately suggested we add it to Joao's promo bag tomorrow. Joao's #1 pick was Frogstomp, he clearly wanted that.
   Dan found an empty CD case and pressed the flattened toad into it, then bonded it on the Frogstomp case.
  Two days afterwards, Joao had mulled over his 100 CDs, mostly crap to resell. Greedy bastard. Even better, he had initially overlooked the "limited edition" CD of Frogstomp with lifelike amphibian. Yet there it was. His #1 pick.
   Hell, yeah!
   He was thrilled. Everyone congratulated the lucky stiff.
  Six months later, I was chatting with Roy, Joao's brother, and he mentioned the Frogstomp CD. Seemed the label had used shoddy plastic, and something was starting to smell funny. Joao had moved it to his closet, and now his clothes had this funky odor ...

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