Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coworkers: Part 19 - Lollapaloozers

  People get so touchy sometimes.
  Promos were to be pulled and Angela and Keith lobbied hard to do the deed.
  Thursday morning, they drew names at 11:00 AM, worked until 2:00. Three hours. Then they took a break from 2:00 - 8:00, eventually finished after 10:00 PM!
  Course no one got a damn thing that day.
  Angela offered the lame excuse of Spring registration, Keith whined that he couldn't find any clove cigarettes. So what?
   They should have thought of this before volunteering their sorry services.
  Incompetence begot ridicule.
  Two days later. Saturday. Ticket sales! The store anticipated a mob scene for first day Lollapalooza sales. An obligatory sign instructed potential buyers on prices, limits, seating, etc ... Dan had sketched two cartoon figures over the sign, dead ringers for Angela and Keith, holding hands. The cartoon girl waved and smiled cross-eyed behind wire glasses. The cartoon guy sported a pink bandana and smoked two clove cigarettes, one from his mouth, the other from the shunt tube protruding from under his ribs. Each sported a T-shirt: Lola Pa Loser or Call Me Malph.
  Rob profiled the artist's models while barking instructions to laughing ticket slackers.
  By noon, Dan clocked in. Keith answered his casual, "Hi, Malph," with a shrill, "Fuck you, Dan!" and went home early.

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