Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coworkers: Part 07 - Dave's New Number

   "Do you know Dave's schedule?" The Boss asked.
   "Mornings, Monday thru Friday, he's at Blandy," I said. "Evenings or weekends, he's here or at that third job."
   Dave, like many of my coworkers, worked three jobs to pay bills. All paid terrible, especially the major international corporation which was legendary for underpaying employees.
   "I phoned his Blandy number twice. Another individual now has Dave's extension, and they don't know who Dave is. They are also new so they don't know how to redirect me to the switchboard."
   "Can't you key in a directory search?"
   "Tried that," The Boss sounded frustrated. "Led me back to that new person."
   "Bummer. Get what you pay for in this world," I shrugged. "Dave works here in two days, update the number then."
   "I want him to work tonight, if you don't mind."
   I had an obvious suggestion. Very reluctantly I suggested ...
   "You try phoning his home? Asking his wife?"
   The Boss's eyes disappeared into his skull before he steamed off without a word.
   What was that about?
   During lunch, I approached Diana. She tended Video while Pat lunched with John. For the millionth lunch in a row, Diana had loaded in our completely washed out copy of Roxanne.
   "What's up with The Boss and Dave?" I started.
   "You know he spoke with him recently, confidentially, regarding those prescriptions."
   Prescriptions, my ass.
   "Dave's working three jobs. He dozes off, he's toast."
   "Those pills can be dangerous!"
   I shrugged.
   "You are one of the coldest people I know," Diana shook her head.
   "I have my moments. Look, when I suggested The Boss phone Dave's wife, he sputtered away."
   Diana covered her face and began laughing. "Have you ever spoken with her?" she giggled.
   "Uh ... no," I replied warily.
   "He phoned her first. She confirmed that, yes, his Blandy number had changed. Last week she had to dial #1, this week #2."
   "She had -- What?"
   "She can't remember phone numbers. It's all too stressful. So Dave programmed her home phone. To reach husband, punch #2, and that's all she knows," Diana laughed.

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