Friday, March 17, 2006

Coworkers: Part 83 - Hit And Run

   Stacey was holding court.
   "I was telling everyone. I was late back from break because of a hit and run."
   "Are you hurt?"
Sonya asked.
   "I'm fine, my car is fine," Stacey reassured. "I wasn't involved. But I was a witness."
   "Someone jump the light?" I guessed.
   "No, this was at Jack In The Box. The drive through line."
   "Hell, rear ended?"
   "Yeah. Guy in front of me, a crappy yellow Fiesta, bumped into a silver Honda waiting for his order. So the Honda guy gets out, looks at the scratch, starts yelling. The Fiesta guys starts laying on his horn."
   "Worried his milkshake was going to melt,"
Mandy joked.
   "The Honda guy ain't moving. He's on his cell phone, probably calling the cops."
   "During lunch hour? Dream on."
   "Next moment, the driver of the Fiesta hops out of his car and takes off."
   "What? Fistfight?"
   "No! Down the street. Running, like a rabbit,"
Stacey continued.
   "He left his car behind? What an idiot."
   "Complete idiot. His car, his license plate, his registration, his insurance card. Cops showed up ... and ... muffin head left his wallet on passenger seat with driver's license inside."

   "This is great!" I laughed.
   "If the guy had just stayed it was nothing. I couldn't even see a mark on the Honda."
   "He wasn't thinking. Fool,"
Sonya walked off.
   "Anyway, that's where I was. Filling out a police accident report."
   "Hit-n-run has a new definition,"
Mandy grinned.
   "You said it."

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